So I promised you I'd write something... but I really can't sit here and write some fancy text about some random subject, like I used to do.

I know you like reading my thoughts on things, you say you like looking inside my mind... The truth is that you already do that  every time you're with me.

 It's funny, actually. After a bit more than 2 years of knowing me (1 year and 10 months of those spent in this relationship) you seem to know me better than anyone else, better than me, actually.

Have I ever told you how amazed I get every time you start analyzing my tiny expressions? How the hell have you gotten to know all of them that well? How do you know, just by this one look I throw at you
that I'm starting to get annoyed? How can you tell I'm lying just by the tone in my voice? How do you always notice when something's wrong?
Then I remember all the times I catch you staring at me (or sniffing my hair, for that matter) while I watch movies, while I'm studying, while I cook...
And then I realize that in some unknown way I too can always tell when you're bummed about something... when you're worried. When you need a hug, when you're craving for a kiss. When you are pissed at me, when you haven't approved of what I've done or said. Even if you try to deny it.
I guess this is what being a couple is.

Sometimes I worry about when one day we'll live together. I'm feisty and angsty and moody. I always screw up with you on my bad days.
I get all bitchy and scream at you while we argue only to feel bad about it 5 minutes later, come back, apologize, and give you a hug... and do it all over again an half an hour after.
How can you stand me? How can you forgive all the sh*t I do, all the time?

"The guy must really love you.", I say to myself. You seem to adore me even when I'm being a despicable human being. You seem to love me even when you hate me. You keep on liking me when I don't even like myself.

Even when I'm like
And you get all like
And still we both just wanna
To always end up like
And that's how I know that no matter how fucked up we get, we always seem to find our way back together. Thank you for putting up with me time and time again.

I love you.

Sorry for not saying it more often. 

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